Tutorial: floare din materiale subtire

*Tutorial* Fabric Flowers

Since Spring has come, all I have been wanting to make is flowers. I know there have been quite a few fabric flower tutorials out there. I’m “putting my hat in the ring” with my own fabric flower tutorial 🙂 It’s really easy, and the longest part is cutting out all of the flower petals.

Step 1: Print out my Fabric Flower Template
Fabric Flower Template
Step 2: Cut out the petals. It can be a rough cut. And pin the petals to the fabrics of your choice. I used two different alternating fabrics.
Fabric Flower Tutorial
Step 3: Carefully cut out all of the petals. You need to cut out 3 of each size
Fabric Flower Tutorial
Step 4: Once you have all of your petals cut, cut out a round piece of matching felt.
Fabric Flower Tutorial
Step 5: Take each petal (one at a time) and fold it in half.
Fabric Flower Tutorial
Step 6: And then fold it again almost in half
Fabric Flower Tutorial
Step 7: Place one of your largest petals on the felt circle (Sometimes the petals tend to not stay folded over, I use my scissors to hold them down after adding each petal)
Fabric Flower Tutorial
Step 8: Place each petal on individually, over lapping them. Place all of the petals on until you’ve used all of your petals. You can sew each one on ivdividually, I just place them all on and sew through it all at the end.
Fabric Flower Tutorial
Fabric Flower Tutorial
Step 9: Place a button of your choice on the top, Hold the whole flower in your hand between your thumb and your first two fingers, making sure that none of the petals move, take your needle and thread and sew your button on, making sure that you have gone through all of the petals until you feel they are secure
Fabric Flower Tutorial
And you are finished with your fabric flower! Easy Peasy! Not even 10 steps!
Fabric Flower Tutorial



Source: 3fourandunder.com


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