Cercei customizati

Lots of Hoops

Well, did you know that you can totally customize them for yourself?

A Plate Full of Beautifuls

It’s so much better to have things that make you stand out in a good way because no one else has them.

Stacked Up

You get to put your own personality into it. Your favorite colors. Your favorite yarn. And the list goes on and on.

All Together Now

It’s really easy to do and looks cute too. See?

Knotted Earrings On

I have totally been rockin’ these since I made them. I go through a love/hate relationship with hoop earrings, but right now I’m in the love phase.

Knotted Hoop Earrings

Here is how to cover them in thread by knotting. You will need thread (or you could use yarn) and a hot glue gun.
Knotting with Thread

a. Cut a long piece of embroidery thread place the middle of the strand underneath the earring. Make a knot.
b. You can hook the earring onto something like your shoe to help hold it in place if you like. I also stuck it in between my knees to help.
c. After the first knot is made, one strand will be to the right and one to the left.
d. Take the piece on the left side and slip it under the earring to the right side. Then take the original piece on the right and slip it under the earring to the left side.
e. Now the strands look like they are coming from underneath.
f. Tie a knot.

Continue repeating d-f a few more times. Then, dab some hot glue on the end of the hoop where you started knotting. Slip the first few knots over it to help secure it. Then continue on with knotting until you completely cover the hoop. End by dabbing a small amount of hot glue on the end and putting the knots over it. Cut the ends off and dab a bit of glue over that spot where you cut them.

*You can change the color as well to create a striped look. Just simply take a new color and knot it where you did the last knot, but making sure to knot over the previous colors strands. Knot over the other color a few time them trim them. You can also do this if you run out of thread and need to add more.


Crocheted Hoop Earrings

For these, just grab a crochet hook and yarn of your choice. The size of your hook and yarn will determine the final look.


Crocheting A Hoop Earring

a. Yarn over hook.
b. Place hoop over yarn by hook.
c. Yarn over hook (I grabbed the little strand as well to cover it up)
d. Pull top loop (or in my case, two loops) under bottom loop.
e. Place crochet hook under hoop.
f. Yarn over hook and pull back under hoop. Now you should have two loops (in my case three because I was still using the small beginning strand too, but it ran out soon and I clipped it off). Pull the top loop under the bottom loop.

Repeat e-f until covered.

*After crocheting over the hoop a few times, I dabbed some hot glue at the end of the hoop where I began and put the yarn over it to secure it. Do this again at the end. If the yarn ends are sticking out (like below), glue them down too. I kind of wrapped mine a bit then glued them.


Finished Crocheted


With Trim

You can easily add a trim to the earrings as well. Here I just hot glued on a mini pom-pom trim. You could glue some pretty ribbon on or whatever you might have in your stash.

Fabric Wrapped Earrings

And, how easy to use up some leftover fabric than this? Just cut some skinny strips of fabric to begin with. Then hot glue the end of it at one end and start wrapping the fabric around. Continue placing hot glue on hoop to help hold the fabric in place.
Source: happytogethercreates.com

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