Bratara colorata cu margele asortata

Beaded Bracelet

I’m super excited to share this project with you, as it has been over two weeks in the making. I fussed around with many a mini-crochet needle and embroidery thread, and my house is now littered with bitty seed beads, to arrive at what I think is my favorite and most unique tutorial yet! Woo hoo!

Embroidery thread (I used 6 stranded thread)
Crochet hook size 1 (2.75mm)
Seed beads
Jewelry clasps

Note: This pattern is for a bracelet that measures 6.5″ at completion. I needed just under 16′ of embroidery thread for that length. Adjust the pattern accordingly for your wrist size.

1. Thread needle onto one end of the embroidery thread.

2. String 40 seed beads in the color(s) and order of your choosing onto the embroidery thread.

3. Once all the beads are threaded, you will begin crocheting. The beads will be used in the 2nd row of the pattern. I learned to crochet by watching video tutorials from The Knit Witch on YouTube. This tutorial requires very basic skills, so don’t be intimated! Learn to chain stitch and then single crochet stitch.

4. Using crochet needle size 1, ch 45. Turn.

5. Row 1: 1 sc in 44 sts. Ch 1. Turn.

6. Row 2: 1 sc in 2 sts. Then, 1 sc in 40 sts sliding 1 seed bead into each st. 1 sc in 2 sts. Ch 1. Turn.

7. Row 3: 1 sc in 44 sts. Fasten off yarn.

8. Tie off the ends and trim. I like to secure the knots with some clear nail polish for extra security. Attach a jewelry ring on each end of the bracelet, adding a clasp to one of the rings. You can also crochet on extra long ends and tie a slip knot like I did in this DIY to make an adjustable bracelet. In one of the pictures below, a green bracelet is done in such a fashion. I prefer not to have all that extra thread dangling from my wrist, but it’s doable if you’d prefer to not have to buy clasps.

9. You can also create bracelets that double or triple or quadruple (you get the idea!) wrap. For this double wrap bracelet, I worked on 90 sts and used 80 beads. I then chose a toggle clasp to attach the ends. That is one nautical, two-toned arm.

Or you can always go the neon route, which is clearly a Blog a la Cart fav. Either way, you’ve created a more mature, adult friendship bracelet (as though that statement weren’t a total oxymoron!). It compliments the 9 month pregnant belly delightfully, no?

Admittedly, Sunny demands to wear the blue and “geen” one frequently. They have multi-generational appeal! (Note: Yes, her shirt reads, “I Love Boobies.” It’s from the Galapagos where Kimmy studied abroad her junior year of college and is an homage to the Blue Footed Booby. The shirt had a lovely double entendre when Sunny was breastfeeding, but we still find it amusing.)



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