Cercei din fimo

I have to admit that I’m one of those moms who enjoys playing play dough with my daughter. I find it fun and relaxing to sit down and create with it and then smoosh it up and put it away. There’s no agenda, it’s fun to squoosh in between your fingers, and the colors are pretty. Every now and then we also get clay, the more grown up version of play dough. I saw this brooch and flowers on BHLDN and decided to take a trip and buy me and the little one some clay to play around with.

My daughter got a pack with some pretty colors and I got some plain ole white. We sat down and began to create. She made towers and I made these:

Charming Clay Flower
Aren’t they just so elegant looking? It makes me want to go find some fancy dress to wear with it.
 Originally I was just going to make the brooch, but then I had extra leftover and thought a pair of earrings would be lovely as well. Maybe I’ll make a ring or make some for a necklace next?
Charming Clay Flower Earrings

I’m sure by now you are ready to find out how to make them! Here is what you will need:

-Clay (the kind you bake to harden it)
-Something for the center (I used a vintage earring on the brooch and a small bead on the earrings)
-Wax paper
-Pan to bake it in
-A strong glue (I used E-600, industrial strength glue)
-Clay glaze (I used Sculpey Glaze from Micheal’s)
-Desired backing (earring backs, pin back, etc)

On wax paper, I started off by softening the clay some. The wax paper helps not make your work surface messy and at the end you will just lift it up with the flower and place it into a pan.

Then for the brooch, I made ten balls about the size of the end of my thumb. For the earrings I made ten balls as well, but they were a lot smaller.

Then I molded each one into a flower petal looking piece.

Next, create a ball and squoosh it flat. This will be what you rest all of the petals on. Make sure it is size appropriate.

Lay the first layer of five petals down. Push down at the middle to squish the petals to the round bottom piece.

Then place the second layer of five petals on. I alternated the petals so you could see the edges of both layers. Squoosh the middle of the petals down again to make sure they are secure.

Take the object you are using for the center and press it into the middle to create a mold of where it will go. This makes sure the piece will fit in place after baked. See the earring impression here?

Now lift up your wax paper, with your creation on it, and place it into a baking tray. Follow the directions for your clay on how to bake it.Once it is done and cooled off, paint on a coat of the glaze. I did the top, let it dry, then flipped it over and did the underneath of the petals.

Then put some glue in the spot where the middle piece will go and place the piece in place. Let dry.

Last but not least, add your backing. I used the same glue again to make sure everything stayed in place.

Now you have some charming clay flowers to wear, use for decoration, etc. The sky’s the limit!


Source: http://www.happytogethercreates.com/2011/05/charming-clay-flowers-tutorial.html


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