Sticle pictate

Painted Wine Bottle Vases

Recycled Painted Jar and Bottle Centerpiece

Collect a bunch of bottles and jars in all shapes and sizes and you can make lovely DIY centerpieces for any occassion! I sprayed a ton of bottles of all kinds (wine, olive oil, whiskey etc.) that I’d been saving for centerpieces and used them for a shabbat sheva brachas (festive meals for the seven days after a Jewish wedding) celebration. Everything was done so last minute that I didn’t even have time to photograph my efforts! Because you see, the caterer came quite late which meant I couldn’t set up the centerpieces until the tables were set up….whew talk about crafting stress!

So, the top photo is my attempt to capture the loveliness of this idea. In reality the jars and vases look better in groups of three, but for some unknown reason (uh duh, maybe because you’re not a professional stylist?) I could not successfully capture this reality as the gorgeous photo of my dreams. Sorry about that.

Recycled Painted Bottle Vases
And as far as groupings go, I’d suggest one jar to hold a casual bouquet, paired with two bottles in different sizes and heights to hold leaves or baby’s breath. And little silver shot glasses or kiddush cups look great holding small sprigs of succulent for that added touch.

How To: Remove labels from jars and bottles and dry thoroughly. You’ll need to spray many thin layers of paint to achieve good results. If you spray too close to the bottles or too much paint at one time, the paint will run leaving a surface with drips, which isn’t the end of the world, but certainly not desirable.

Important Note: It is highly recommended to spray a coat of primer as your first coat to ensure that the paint will stick to the glass. I’ve got some chips here and there already and won’t skip that step next time.

Soooooooo, do take my advice and be patient with this one. Spray from afar and a little at a time, outside of course and on a surface like a cardboard box. And do take note, you’ll need lots of spray paint if you’re going to do lots of bottles! I used gloss and matte, and I think I prefer the gloss. And now that I’ve got all these plain white bottles, I think it’s time to decorate them don’t you think? Stay tuned!




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