Diamante si pietre pretioase

What can possibly be said in praise of the most beautiful and sought after gemstone that has ruled the world through the centuries and has managed to enjoy the top most position in the hearts worldwide due to their dazzling brilliance and blinding beauty. Diamonds indeed are the most spectacular of all gemstoneswith a beauty that is truly unparallel.

Not only are these breathtakingly beautiful stones known for their sparkle alone but also for the qualities that they are bestowed with. Diamonds are the hardest substance which lends another unique as well as practical feature to these stones. Due to their innate hardness, diamonds are not only appropriate but ideal for jewelry which is why diamond jewelry is loved for its beauty as well as durability.

Interestingly out of the entire lot of diamond that is mined it is only a part that is actually used for jewelry making. In fact diamonds are widely used for industrial purposes. Only about twenty percent of diamonds that are mined are finally made into jewelry.

The beauty and value of diamonds are based on the four C’s namely cut, color, clarity and carat. The cut is the most important factor to consider in a diamond as it determines the brilliance or shimmer that the stone exudes. A well cut diamond is highly sought after due to the facets which are present in the stone. An ideal diamond is one that is colorless and free of any trace of color which is an extremely rare case. The lesser the presence of color in a diamond the higher is its price.

Although most diamonds like all other gemstones are accompanied with flaws or inclusions, the clearer the stone the more valued it is. Carat is the measurement used for diamonds. Interestingly in case of diamonds a cluster of small diamonds which have more carats may actually cost less than a single solitaire diamond weighing less.

Diamonds get their name from the Greek word ‘adamas’ which means unconquerable and invincible. Diamonds are said to lend courage and strength to the person wearing it. Diamonds are known to be symbols of innocence, faith, justice, and honesty. The ancient Romans believed that by wearing diamonds they could muster courage and valiance during battles. Jewish high priests used diamonds to decide whether an accused was guilty or innocent as they believed a diamond dulled in brilliance and darkened when brought in front of the guilty while it glowed in all its magnificence in case of the innocent.

Diamonds are the birthstone for April. These unparallel stones measure ten on Moh’s scale of hardness.


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