Lumanari din scoici


Got candles???  Make some of these beautiful shell candles and add a summer glow to your table any time of year!

I’ll just give you a quick how-to on creating these and then you’ll be making candles out of every shell, tea cup or old tin you find around the house.  It’s such a simple project that you can make a million of them in a day…well, almost.

First, you’ll need these supplies from a craft store…


  • soy wax
  • wicks
  • fragrance
  • dye

I really like the way soy wax melts so I always use it whenever I’m making candles.  A little goes a long way and you’ll want to plan on making a ton of candles or having some supplies for later.  The fragrance and dye can be used in soap making on another creative day.

  1. Find and clean a large shell.
  2. Take a glass measuring cup and melt one cup of wax to start.{Be sure to read the directions!}
  3. Prop your shell up in a dish towel to hold it level.
  4. Stir a drop or two of color and fragrance into your wax.
  5. Hold a wick in the center of the shell as you slowly pour in your wax to the desired level.
  6. Let it cool and your done!

Tips: I use just a little yellow to give it a slight color like the inside of a shell. I burn these candles with other shells around the base to hold them up straight while they are burning. Sand in a beautiful glass dish would work perfectly. Cut the wick a little shorter before burning to keep from having a large flame.

These would be wonderful for a dinner party on the porch!  The shell itself lights up so nice! Oh, and while you’re making them you can bundle up a few for gifts later on in the year.  Everyone loves shells!


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