Cum sa faci un magnet cu fetru

felt magnets 3

Felt Magnets are a sweet and simple project…perfect for Summer Camps and sleepovers, or while you’re enjoying a little afternoon coffee break.   It’s no surprise to see another felt project on my blog, I’m sure. I love felt!

Here’s how I put together these fun little magnets…


Gather up a selection of beautiful felt for inspiration.  This is all wool felt…I love the colors!

5185403041_1a5f0d157c_b (1)

Bring out you collection of embroidery floss…more pretty colors!

felt magnets 5

You can find these business card magnets at your local office supply or craft store.  Just peel off the back and use it as a template for your background felt.

felt magnets 4

Cut you rectangle out and stitch a sweet little something on it.  Then carefully line up your felt creation and stick it to your magnet.  How easy is that?

felt magnets 1

Quick and easy felt projects never fail to make me smile!

I’m planning to make a few more to keep on hand for gifts.  Tie a few together with some pretty ribbon and you’re sure to make someone’s day.

felt magnets 6

Have you used business card magnets for any other crafts? I’d love to hear about it because I have a whole stack of them!



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