Ouă de aur

What you’ll need:

metallic acrylic paint (I used Gold here)
an egg (Probably not a real one. I found mine in a local craft store, it’s made of styrofoam. Plastic ones might work if you can’t find styrofoam.)
craft glue
brushes (a small brush with rounded tip, and two with flat tips)
a tray

Here are the steps:

Apply a thin layer of acrylic paint on the egg. When the first layer is dry, paint a second layer. You might want to use something to hold the egg so that you won’t get paint on your fingers.
When the second layer of paint is completely dry, draw dots on the egg using the small brush with a small amount of glue, as shown in picture 3. Note that you don’t have to apply glue all over the egg at once, because it may start drying before you apply the glitter.
Apply glitter on the top of each dot. Use a flat brush to carefully clean the glitter around the dots.

Few things to note:

Depending on the material of your egg, you might need to paint it with more than two layers. Also, when you choose the paint, note the opacity of it (usually shown on the package). A high opacity is more desirable.
Acrylics dry very fast, so clean your brush as soon as you finish painting. The paint might damage your brush if it’s left on the brush too long.

You can try different colour combinations of the paint and glitter, or experiment with different patterns!


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